Our Story

The Eureka Moment: A Myrtle Beach Chronicles
Picture this: a hotel room in Myrtle Beach, a band of cousins, and a lively debate over the perennial men's dilemma - the elusive quest for the perfect underwear. What started as a jestful conversation among us boys quickly morphed into a 'Eureka!' moment. Why settle for 'meh' when you can have 'ahh'? And just like that, in a room echoing with laughter, Orcomat was conceived.

Orcomat Ethos: A Dash of Fun in Every Thread
Orcomat isn't just a brand; it's a sartorial escapade. We stand at the crossroads of whimsy and sophistication, offering underwear that's a cinch to choose and a joy to wear. Each of our three categories comes with preset colors - because, let's face it, who has time to muse over shades when adventure awaits?

Our Categories